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Laguna Woods Yacht Club Sailing Academy

The Sailing Academy offers club members the opportunity to acquire and utilize sailing knowledge and skills through both classroom and on-the-water instruction by our highly skilled and experienced instructors. Classroom instruction is used to introduce the students to sailing concepts, including how a sailboat functions, points of sail, sail trim, maneuvering under sail and under power, docking, navigation, and tying knots used on sailboats.
Subsequent on-the-water application of classroom concepts is accomplished through training sessions on board the club sloop s/v Hiatus.

Three courses are offered each year. The first is an introductory course that will offer sufficient sailing skills to enable a graduate to participate with confidence in crewing activities on a sailboat as well as enhancing the overall sailing experience.

A subsequent intermediate course offered later in the year teaches more advanced skills and knowledge with the goal of providing the student with the ability to sail and dock the boat independently under the supervision of the instructor.

A third course is offered for those interested in developing and utilizing their sailing skills locally as well as in other venues.

Advanced Sailing Seminars

Beginning in November, 2019 and continuing throughout 2020, LWYC Sailing Academy will be sponsoring seminars on numerous topics such as:

    • Navigation
    • Man Overboard
    • Whisker Pole
    • Gennakers
    • Advanced sail trim
    • Dinghy Handling
    • Boat Instruments

Please check back for details as seminars develop.

We are pleased to announce the LWYC Coastal Navigation Seminar. Please click here (Coastal Navigation Seminar) for the course outline. Please click here (Seminar Registration) to enroll in the seminar.

The Sailing Academy Courses

Course Objectives Fundamentals

The course objective is twofold. First is to offer an introduction to the art and process of sailing for new sailors, or a refresher course for sailors who have been away from sailing for a time.

A second goal is more practical and entails preparation to participate in the onboard activities during an actual sail. Intermediate The course objective is to provide students an opportunity to attain more advanced sailing knowledge. Boat handling instruction will include the rigging and handling of an intermediate sized sloop-rigged auxiliary sailboat and will focus particularly on the club’s vessel s/v Hiatus. In addition to classroom instruction, this will entail significant on-the-water time and practice.

Advanced Practice Increase Skills Build confidence in competency
Dates for 2019.

  18 Feb to 11 Mar for Fundamentals.

  8 Jul to 5 Aug for Advanced.

  7 Oct to 4 Nov for Intermediate. For a detailed description of the Intermediate Sailing class, please click here: Intermediate Sailboat Handling Skills

Dates for 2020:

  • Feb 24 to March 23 - Fundamentals of Sailing

To enroll or for further information please contact:

Jeff Sadler (208/484-6652)

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