Jim Updike


Member profile details

First name
Last name
Profession, occupation, or business
Retired CEO of Honda Federal Credit Union
Special skills or hobbies
Scuba Diver, AAUS Research Diver certification
Previous/other yacht club membership(s)
Mission Bay Yacht Club
South Shore Yacht Club
American Legion Yacht Club - Treasurer
Boating activity and/or maritime interests
Sailing for 40+ years. 22 Newport to Ensenada races, certified skipper, ALYC
Boats in your life, past and present
Ranger 22
Britton Chance 32
Boat Name
Make and model
Britton Chance 32
Personal Interests
  • Day sailing
  • Cruising
  • Club leadership
Can help with:
  • Day sailing
  • Cruise and trip planning
  • Program planning
  • Website
  • Boat maintenance
  • Other

Laguna Woods Yacht Club

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